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Corporate branding

Going out to a restaurant is so much more than good food, even when that food has been awarded two Michelin stars. Long before the first plate was served at the tightly laid table, Maarten Bouckaert of Castor was already focused on every detail to bring the customer experience to top level. Serene and simple, but with a clear vision in terms of hospitality and experience.

We unleashed our creativity on every aspect of their branding and communication, starting with a striking name. We chose Castor, the literal translation of beaver into Spanish, a subtle reference to the now-chosen location: Beveren-Leie. Next step? Everything Castor stands for comes to life in a sophisticated logo, fully in line with their cuisine, approach and personality. We deliberately create a typographic logo without emblem or colour to emphasise Castor's serenity. We integrate the logo into a corporate identity that stands out for its simplicity. Black and white, incorporated in classics such as menus, facade signage, stationery, account holders and business cards, but also deeply printed on the coasters at the table and printed on the papers for the half-salted butter with the bread.

The enthusiastic interaction between the creative minds of chef Maarten and MOQO constantly lifts the warm aftertaste of a Castor visit a notch higher. From the stitched menu sleeves where each course of the menu is slid in stages, to the quotes on the toilet roll holders, to the thank-you note on departure: we are constantly innovating to keep the brand experience surprising, even for regular customers.

On the website, we give a taste of what you can expect during your visit to Castor. Besides the essentials such as the online reservation module, we mainly bring the refined atmosphere with tasteful images by food photographer Heikki. We complement the online communication with periodic emailings and social media. Here too, experience is priority number one and the +7500 followers on Instagram and +9000 fans on Facebook are inspired by expressive plate dressing and a warm look behind the scenes.

From the very beginning, Castor has been able to count on us as a sparring partner for their communications. We proactively work together to infuse all evolutions in the digital and culinary landscape into their branding.

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