Content marketing is a broad term. In summary, content marketing is a way for companies to attract and engage their target audience by providing valuable, relevant and informative content. In this way, a brand can gain trust and create a bond with potential customers. By creating strong and targeted content and distributing it through various channels, we can increase visibility in Google, generate more browsing traffic to the website and ultimately create more leads that lead to conversion.
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Coastlife magazine for Degroote Real Estate Group

What can MOQO do in terms of content marketing?

Everything starts with the development of a content plan, in function of the company and marketing objectives. Follow-up and implementation is done by our content team consisting of brand and motion designers, videographers, photographers, copywriters and a social media marketeer. Together, they provide unique content tailored to each brand, mainly for:

  • Advice, news and blog pages on the website
  • Social media
  • (Company) magazines, digital and print
  • Brochures, digital and print
  • Whitepapers
  • Podcasts
  • Email marketing
  • ...
We maximise the potential of each content piece by sharing it both in its entirety and in snackable pieces tailored to the medium. For example, a video for Youtube can also become a podcast and ditto, or we turn a longer explainer video into a series of short reels for social media.
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Live First Class magazine for Karolien Lafaut