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Corporate branding

Van Hulle Bouwservice has been active in the construction sector for more than 70 years. The Tielt family business started out as a building materials business and over the years expanded to include a contracting department and a flooring installation service and showroom.

Their mission: offering reassurance to the customer – whether that be a contractor, architect, promoter or individual – throughout the building process
Our task
: create extra visibility, eyeing collaboration between the different departments

What are Van Hulle Bouwservice's objectives? Where does the company stand today and where does it want to go in the future? We addressed these questions during a strategic workshop. The management team of Van Hulle Bouwservice joined our strategic cube for a fascinating discussion about its core properties, vision of the future, style and approach. In one morning, we gathered a wealth of information to revise its brand positioning and visual identity.

"Customers in the construction trade often do not know that we also lay floors or do dry construction, and vice versa. We want every customer to know everything we can do for them," it sounded. Consequently, we expanded the main brand Van Hulle Bouwservice with several sub-brands that are distinguished only by their department name and their own colour. Thus, visually, they blend together perfectly for maximum recognisability.

We also cast the rich story of Van Hulle Bouwservice in a brand story, which determines the tone of voice we use in further communication.

For extra visibility and to reinforce the business units themselves, we devised a striking publicity campaign with a cool wink, matching the loose, family style of Van Hulle Bouwservice. Bringing peace and comfort to the building process is the company mission, the Dulle Van Hulles - your heroes in construction - make sure of it. Nice extra: the man in the campaign image is a loyal employee of Van Hulle Bouwservice.

In the further roll-out of the new communication strategy, we started developing a new website that clearly presents the various departments. Using video, the surfer immediately gets an impression of the atmosphere in the impressive showroom. We also demonstrate the building expertise and advisory character of the Dulle Van Hulles through blog content and in-depth information about building materials.

We activate Van Hulle Bouwservice on various social media channels. We create visual unity and add an extra element to distinguish the departments and reach the different target groups through targeted advertising.

The communication strategy has been established and the foundations laid. As permanent communication partner, we are now focusing further on appealing to the various target groups and increasing the general brand awareness of Van Hulle Bouwservice in Flanders.

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