Corporate branding

As a luxury object dealer, Luxetera wants to go next-level to create a living environment that surprises, inspires and leaves a lasting impression. This means we had the elevate the brand experience, for which we created a concept fitting the brand strategy.

As a first step, we did a brand intake session to determine Luxetera's core values and authentic brand identity. The brand story captures the elements of surprise, inspiration and leaving an impression. We hint at the unique, high-end experience, which we rename the et cetera feeling and is fully reflected in the exclusive-looking visual identity.

We keep the logo stylishly simple: this emphasises the exclusive nature of the brand, and gives Luxetera's objects and brands as much visual space as possible. A classic dark green sets the mood, and is combined with bright orange. Two colours that blend beautifully, and also provide a surprising touch, just like Luxetera. Three checks form a unique branding element: a playful quip to the brand name and visualisation of the et cetera feeling.

We further shape the renewed Luxetera in numerous corporate identity elements, high-quality packaging material, et cetera.

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