I'm lovin' it. De enige echte. Because I'm worth it. A good tagline is so recognisable that you don't even need to see the name to know what brand it's about. For more than 40 years, L'Oréal has stuck to its rousing statement that sticks with even the new generation. How do you find the right words to powerfully convey the essence of your brand or company? That magical blend of vowels and consonants that will stand the test of time? At MOQO, we only have one rule: (almost) no rules allowed.


Your tagline can be constructed in any way: admittedly short in two to five words, built up as a sentence, as single words or purely descriptive. Play with alliterations and assonances for a tagline that smoothly rolls off the tongue, and a touch of English if you want it to sound young and hip. Or limit yourself to a clear summary of your USPs. Anything goes, as long as your tagline does what it has to: answer the question of what added value your brand has for its target group. So brainstorm a go go and dare to go loco.

Debuf logo font


When looking for a solid tagline, your brand name is always a good starting point. After all, it is appropriate that one reinforces the other. Does your name already convey something about who you are or what you do? Or is it more creatively conceived, meaning your tagline should have a narrative rather than sentiment? Branding that is right down to the last detail is all about balance.

Neem bijvoorbeeld Karolien Lafaut, de projectontwikkelaar dat de naam van haar leading lady draagt. De keuze voor een personal branding vraagt om extra definiëring van de branche of bedrijfsactiviteiten. ‘Live first class’ vat perfect samen waar Karolien Lafaut voor staat: woonprojecten waarbij levenskwaliteit primeert.

Ook bij familiebedrijf De Buf, specialist in de opbouw van vrachtwagens en producent van betonmixers, onderstreepten we het voornaamste doel en legden we de link naar de bouwsector met de forse woorden ‘Built to work’.

We kunnen concluderen dat – in een ideaal scenario – merknaam en baseline in eenzelfde traject worden bepaald. Bij MOQO verkiezen we niet voor niets brandingtrajecten van a tot z, opdat we ervoor kunnen zorgen dat alle puzzelstukjes die deel uitmaken van jouw merkverhaal precies op hun plaats vallen.


Tagline for Global Estate Group


Finally, be aware of the distinction between a tagline and a slogan. Whereas a tagline briefly and powerfully conveys the essence of the matter, a slogan is more of a motto. A catchy phrase that you use regularly in your communication and provides a certain recognisability, but does not necessarily cover the whole story. Thus, a slogan is more applicable in advertisements, employer branding campaigns or for social media purposes. We will be happy to help you with that too at MOQO, by the way!