During the strategic preliminary process, MOQO's team develops your brand manifesto. This statement describes in attractive language what you do, how you do it and why your company exists. It is a capstone to shape the entire branding and streamline both internal and external communication.
What is the added value of a brand manifesto?

Much more than what you do, a brand manifesto tells why your brand is there and how you do things. The brand manifesto therefore allows you to make an emotional connection with your target audience, from (potential) customer to employee. If you know that irrational factors (such as personal beliefs and social influences) often play a bigger role than rational drivers (such as price and quality) in choosing a brand, then you immediately know why it's best for a company to focus on promoting a brand manifesto.

Because a brand manifesto is only introduced after a lot of strategic consultation with all internal stakeholders, it also forms a basis on which decisions can be tested. Feel free to call it the organisation's compass.

Brand manifesto for Edergen

How do we write your brand manifesto?

Our strategists and copywriters are guided by four main questions to formulate a firm answer:

  • What's the company's key attitude?

  • Why did the company come about?

  • What values and norms does the company adhere to, and how do these affect the company's approach?

  • Which are the main activities?

Contrary to the brand story, we reduce the text of the brand manifesto to its clear essence so that it can become a real working tool. It gives leaders a guide to keep their internal communication on point, and offers marketers a handy tool to check external communication against it.

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