This is why our branding projects start with a brand story

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What is a brand story?

First things first. In a nutshell, a brand story tells who you are, what you do and what the added value of your brand is. It is halfway between a story and a mission/vision statement and reveals your brand's personal identity. Descriptive and haunting in one.

Why does a branding process start with a brand story?

A strong brand story:

  • takes people - buyers, employees, partners - into your story;
  • is a golden guide for internal and external communication professionals shaping your brand and marketing, both (audio)visually and textually.

#1 Business strategy is tested and ticked off

How do you introduce your company to a potential client? That is our very first question at the start of a branding project. Do we have several colleagues from the company at the table? Then it often turns out that those present tell different versions. Not quoting pieces of the story. Telling it differently. Putting the emphasis elsewhere.

It is possible that strategic issues arise during the brand intake session. As a branding agency, we provide the platform at that moment to weigh up all the options and determine the short- and long-term focus. At that point, use us as an external sounding board that looks at your organisation with an open-minded view. Don't get there during the kick-off or do you need a double-check with other stakeholders? No worries, then we park the discussion and move on to what we can already knock off. It's better that any discussion points arise at the start of the process than at the presentation of the fully developed visual branding.

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#2 From service or product to a brand that adds value

Suppose you have a choice between two similar products with the same properties. Do you go for the cheapest one that just gives its price or are you triggered by the story of the more expensive product, which besides its price also tells you that it uses recycled materials from the ocean and is there for those who care about a healthy future?

Something to think about, but spoiler alert: it's all about the storytelling.

#3 Your branding picture fits down to the smallest detail

A powerful brand story is the starting point for branding in line with your identity and values. A logo that matches your identity, a colour palette that shows your true colours and a tone of voice that embodies your company.

Are you working with MOQO for your branding? Rest assured that the design team can recite your brand story front to back and back to front by the end of the design phase. Ditto for the copywriters, who will repeat pieces from the brand story in appropriate places in web copy, brochures, social posts... A consistent communication for a powerful message, yes sir.

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"A powerful brand story is the starting point for visual branding in line with your brand's identity and values."

— Barbara Bataillie, strategic director MOQO

#4 With a brand story, you offer a super handy tool to your marketing team

Is an internal employee managing your social media channels, does your sales team want to send out a prospecting letter or is HR looking for a company presentation for new employees? Then the brand story is a handy guide to use the correct tone of voice and the same wording every time. Also for your external marketing partners - such as photographers, stylists, printers... - not only your house style manual but also your brand story is a rewarding tool to work with. Consistent communication for a powerful message, but surely we already said that?

#5 The power of repetition

Reach for the brand story with every action and repeat the core at as many touchpoints in the customer journey as possible:

1. You repeat your message.

2. Over time, the recipient recognises your brand.

3. Those in need of your services or product remember your brand and seek you out.

4. Hello, new prospect and soon new customer.


Barbara Bataillie

Strategic director

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