Is brand design trend-sensitive?

When briefing for a (re-)branding, the word 'timeless' comes up again and again. But what does timeless mean in brand design? How does a brand evolve with the times? Brand designer Sofie tells you all the ins and outs!

A timeless logo in modern branding

To get right to the point: yes, there is an evolution in brand design, but the basics always remain the same. Just look at Wim Crouwel's designs: the logos of Auping and Randstad are decades old, but remain burningly contemporary. So the recipe for a strong logo is always the same: strong in its unique simplicity. Clear, legible and in proportion.


Designer Wim Crouwel (1928-2019)

Is your logo on point? Then you can start playing around with expanding your branding, both online and offline. The playground is getting bigger and the possibilities are endless. That is why it is best to make sure you know how you want to approach your target group and, more importantly, how they want to interact with you. Since those needs are always changing, your branding should evolve with the spirit of the times.

This applies to the rather static elements such as:

  • colour use, photography and typography
  • print finishing
  • shop or office design
  • ...

But certainly also for your tone of voice and interactive channels:

  • company website
  • social media
  • video, animation, 3D...
  • e-mailings
  • chatbots
  • one-on-one communication
  • ...

Not to mention the fact that the world screams digital, digital, digital, but every request for corporate identity printing still includes classic stationery and fancy business cards. Or about the fact that the customer journey includes more and more tipping points, down to a personalised thank-you card with an order or an annual birthday card in the letterbox. So you can see that the value of different corporate identity carriers also evolves with it.

QL branding print 01

The value of different corporate identity carriers evolves with it

Evolution in the development of a brand design

The list of carriers and communication channels is getting longer and longer. So the group of experts working on your branding is growing. In the past, a branding team usually consisted of a graphic designer, web developer and copywriter. Today, there are up to 30 specialists, each in their own domain, who ensure that your brand excels offline and stands out online on the small, busy world wide web.

In short

In summary, give your brand a timeless logo that is current both in 1990 and 2030 for maximum recognition and individuality. Let your carriers and communication style evolve with the trends and needs of today and tomorrow.


Sofie Vanspeybroeck

Brand & digital designer

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