Your property project in the spotlight: the marketing trends to focus on this year

As a property developer or estate agent, are you looking for inspiration to effectively reach your audience in 2021? We've put together the key marketing trends for 2021 around social media and customer experience!
Everyone's on social media

These days it's impossible to ignore. Not only LinkedIn and TikTok, but also Instagram is becoming increasingly popular. Still don't have a presence on Instagram? It's time to work on that, because your target audience spent no more than 1.5 hours of their precious time there every day last year.

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Need inspiration to breathe life into your social media channels? Social media planner Later shares their key predictions for social media marketing in 2021, and we're here to translate what they mean for your business as a property developer or estate agent:

  • Video is king. The importance of video has been on the rise for years, but if you haven't started using it yet, now's the time. Video grabs the viewer's attention, and holds it longer. We aren't going to claim that videos outperform photos on the Instagram algorithm, but Instagram does consider what viewers are interested in. It's undeniable that video – that holds their attention for several seconds – can have a positive impact on reach. Alongside your 3D project animation, you can also visualise the environment, have your sales department talk about the project, focus on the architect's perspective, animate the USPs, the list goes on.

  • Brands with purpose will go viral. As a property developer, are you focused on sustainability and corporate social responsibility? Play that up as much as you can, because never before has there been so much focus on ethics, environment and social responsibility. What does that mean in practice? Define your company's social and corporate values and talk about them on your website, through social media, in your sales pitch and anywhere else you can.

  • Corporate responsibility conversations on LinkedIn will continue. Corporate responsibility conversations on LinkedIn will continue. Building on the previous point, try to share information about your real estate project and your approach on LinkedIn from the perspective of your vision on corporate responsibility. It's a new way to highlight your project and will help build your brand awareness.

  • Educational posts will engage your audience. Share advice and tips on buying a new-build flat and more with an Instagram carousel, in a video, etc. It's interesting for your target audience, a boost for your credibility and, above all, good for the Instagram algorithm.

  • Stories content on every platform. Did you know you can post stories on LinkedIn? Stories are increasingly popular and that's no surprise: stories are the ideal way to share personal, ephemeral, authentic content. And your target audience is more likely to see your story than the content on your timeline. Focus on a single channel, preferably Instagram, and share the same content on your Facebook and LinkedIn stories.
Spread content on multiple channels

We think this is the foundation for great real estate project marketing, but it's definitely worth listing the content you're sharing about your project and assigning it to different channels like your website, social media, newsletter, etc.

So where is the trend in this story?

  • Maybe you haven't started remarketing campaigns yet. They can significantly increase online visibility for your project. For example, organise a webinar to share information about the project with buyers, local residents and others using content you also share on other channels. And reuse new content from the webinar on social media.

  • Host a webinar to share project information

Virtual real estate
Don't forget the human touch, offline or otherwise

So social media is growing in importance, and it's thanks in large part to this trend: in an age where contracts can be signed digitally and personal contact isn't strictly necessary for a sale, your target audience appreciates an extra human touch that much more.

Take a look at your customer journey, from initial contact to delivery and follow-up, and figure out how to add a personal touch, both online and offline.

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Barbara Bataillie

Strategic director

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