Use the SME portfolio to define your brand strategy

A recognised service provider for the SME portfolio

Great news! MOQO was recently recognised by the Flemish Government as a service provider for the SME portfolio. It's a fantastic acknowledgment of the quality of strategic thinking in our branding projects but, more than that, it's a financial boost for the Flemish SME customers we work with.

What is the SME portfolio?

The SME portfolio is a subsidy from the Flemish Government that gives you financial and other support for engaging external advice. The goal of the subsidy is to enhance quality and operations at your company. The subsidy includes our strategic preliminary process for the branding or rebranding your company, creating employer branding and advertising campaigns, and building a new website.

Save up to 30% on the strategic preliminary process

The subsidy gives you a 20% to 30% discount on tailored advice.


Mathieu Verstraete

Creative director

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