Can you benefit from social media as a B2B company?

Should you have a social media presence as a B2B company? LinkedIn is generally a no-brainer. But what about less professionally focused platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest? It's a question we get quite a lot. You may not get direct business from those platforms, but there are still plenty of reasons to showcase your brand on more typically B2C channels.
It's all about brand awareness

"We're selling a technical product that isn't consumer-facing at all."  This well-worn argument B2B companies make for avoiding Facebook, or heaven forbid more visual platforms like Instagram or Pinterest. But did you know that decision-makers in companies spend an average of 74% longer on Facebook than an average user? It's a telling sign that B2C-focused social media channels can also be beneficial for your business.

Because at the end of the day, everyone is an end consumer, including the buyer you'll meet at the negotiating table for your B2B product. So it's a good idea for your buyer to find a well-maintained Facebook page or Instagram feed in their research. It boosts your professional image.

You don't want to use social media as a direct sales channel, but you can use them to their full potential to create brand awareness. And then you'll see that Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest form the Holy Trinity: find an interesting angle to engage interest in your target audience, give your followers a look behind the scenes, share tips and tricks, etc. Creative content and expressive visuals can help you build brand awareness and showcase your company's personal identity.

B2b social media gep

Our client GEP develops smart systems for water recovery. Although it's a highly technical product, they have an extensive social media presence. Their focus isn't their actual product. They're building awareness around water reclamation by combining interesting facts and innovative projects. That allows them to capitalise on the community around #waterrethinkers and plant seeds for the end consumer to purchase their own smart water system.

Employer branding attracts your dream team

What do all successful businesses have in common? A team of motivated employees who help the company run like a well-oiled machine. That's why attracting the perfect employee is priority number one for many companies, which is what continues to fuel the war for talent. That's all the more reason to put your company on the map on social media.

Don't limit yourself to posting job openings on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Engage potential employees with fun photos that are living proof that your company is a great place to work. Turn your current employees into genuine ambassadors, and let them tell your story. After all, applicants are increasingly researching company culture on social media to make sure they find a perfect match. Research shows you can save up to 43% on recruitment costs with efficient employer branding. So spice up your socials and let your employer branding do the talking.

Social sint andriesziekenhuis

For Sint-Andries Hospital in Tielt, we created clear employer branding that lets #greathealthcare play the leading role – and that includes social media. It's an attention-grabbing campaign with a personal Sint-Andries touch.

Advertising is key

Just about everyone has a personal Facebook or Instagram account, from your parents and even grandparents to that important buyer you want to choose your company. The advertising capabilities on LinkedIn and Facebook let you home in the people that interest you most. You can target your social media ads based on employer, job title, demographics, and the list goes on. It's a great way to quickly create custom audiences and reach a specific target audience.

Here's one example: you can use a specific ad to target engineers working in a company with 51 to 200 employees, within a 15 km radius of your company. Another efficient strategy is using retargeting campaigns, where you show people who previously visited your website targeted ads on social media. It helps re-engage them and keeps your company top of mind.

The essential takeaway is that B2B companies can certainly benefit from social media. Focus on brand awareness and employer branding and connect with potential professional contacts by highlighting your company's personal identity.


Morgane Volkaert

Social media manager

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